Special Investigation

Special Investigation Unit

Our Special Investigation Unit is a separate and distinct unit comprised of specialized individuals who work alongside the carrier’s claim representatives, maintaining contact throughout the investigation delivering a clear and informative report aiding in the claims handling process.

We take an aggressive and concise approach to the investigative process. Through a thorough review of the carrier’s file we will develop additional investigative leads and identify links between the parties involved. Our investigators conduct field investigations, which include, but are not limited to, interviewing the individuals involved, obtaining detailed statements, identifying witnesses, documenting accident locations and related property damage. We tailor our field investigations to the needs of the client, allowing them to accurately make claims handling decisions based on the facts of the case.

In our fight against insurance fraud we will make unannounced visits to the claimant’s residence which enable us to observe and monitor the activities and attire of each claimant during a brief visitation that is conducted in a professional and cordial manner. Our investigator will provide a clear and informative report of their findings so that the claims representative can determine if further surveillance may be warranted.

Data support tools include but are not limited to the following:
• Internet Mining / Social Media Investigations
• Background Checks
• Asset Checks
• Criminal / Civil Search
• Medical Records Canvas
• Skip Traces

Each of your adjusters has done a terrific job assisting me in the investigation of these claims. I couldn’t handle the volume of claims that I have without their expertise and great communication skills that each possess.

Antoinette Jarmon

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Special Investigation Unit

Field investigations tailored to the needs of the client, allowing them to accurately make decisions based on the facts.